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Destruction Set - World Mu Online WORLD MU ONLINE es un servidor privado del videojuego MU ONLINE. El contenido sobre el juego MU ONLINE así como logos y nombres registrados son propiedad de WebZen Entertainment. WORLD MU ONLINE no tiene ninguna relación con WebZen. SimpleMU Rebirth | MuOnline Season 6 MU Online News. 18-04-2019 Season 14. (that we have added in last update) added to normal drops in Raklion. You can go already and hunt it. Can drop with socket slot and without, random luck/skill. Fixed Support server x100. 06-03-2019 Simplemu S6E3 X100 OPENING 8. MARCH! ... Add & Auto Add Points Clear Inventory Char Info & Items Info Mu Online Agartha Season 11 Updates: Posted on Apr 12,2019 at 16:06: Muphizens, Our server is now updated to Season 11 Episode 1, the client and needed patches to connect to our server are available in our do.. Season 6 Episode 3 Mu Online Private Servers | TopG

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Slot Y Socket Diferencias - Slot Y Socket Diferencias. Jim slot y socket diferencias Moore The Real DealSlotted Nut Wrench - Homemade - Transceiver Microphone. MORENavegaciónbonus socket mu online slot y socket diferencias season 12. Automotive Nut Drivers; Snap-on Impact Socket Vehicle Sockets and Socket Sets

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[Socket5] must be unlocked via [Expansion Scroll of Radiance Slot]. [Errtel] can be added to [Pentagram Sockets], while the item is in the [Character Inventory]. Removing [Errtel] from [Pentagram Sockets] can fail with a 50% chance. Faling to remove [Errtel] from [Pentagram Sockets] will destroy the [Errtel]. [Socket Items] & [Seed Spheres] <+> [MU Online Fanz ... Official 3rd-party [MU Online] Fan Site and Game Guide! Please disable [Ad Blocker], or whitelist our website, to remove this message. ... [Socket Items] have empty ... Sistema Socket (Season 11 EP1) - Guia Mu Online (1) Actualización Item Socket - Puedes actualizar los Items Socket 380 a Items Socket 400 - Una vez exitosa la actualización los items aparecerán en Nivel +0 manteniendo Luck, Skill y numero de slot Socket. - Si el proceso de actualización falla, el Item Socket 380 se quedara, los Items Combination Note y jewels desaparecerán. ZhyperMU Team - [Guide] Socket Add Slot Token... | Facebook This is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin. To find out about vBulletin, go to .

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SOCKETS AND SET OPTIONS QUESTIONS?? - Forums If its lightning and doesn’t give rate its bad. Only works for xdmg or crit and you lose a socket for bonus combination. Even for 5 socket items fire+Level or fire+Speed is better than xdmg or crit increase. The only valuable ice seed is Skill. The only valuable wind seed is Max HP. The only valuable water seed is DD. Fire has AG, Speed, Level.